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Meet Rising Hip Hop Artist: BK

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Not afraid to be daringly different, multifaceted Hip-Hop artist BK is a rising star in the Methuen, MA music scene. Making music as his passion since he was 8 years old, BK dedicated his life to push his music career toward giving back to his family. BK drives his career out of dedication to his Irish mother who came to this country with nothing and full-heartedly raised him. This dedication given to him as a child by his mother is what drives BK to bring generational blessings upon his family through his music career. A truly inspiring story, while having no name, no fanbase, and no knowledge of the music industry, BK jump started his career with a freshman single that received over 55k listeners and created Heavy Hittas Entertainment where he runs the business through Irish origins focusing on loyalty, respecting the family, fulfilling generational blessings and creating a strong team.

Well-known for his emphasis on cadence, and melodic vocals accompanied by metaphors and driving lyrics, BK creates a timeless anthem for listeners across a plethora of diverse regions. Inspired by artists such as Eminem, 2pac, DMX, NAS, Cassidy, and Lil Wayne, BK combines rare songwriting talent and catchy melodies with trap and reggaeton beats for a level of versatility. Influenced by Drake, BK’s upcoming release of Sophomore single, Mobster, features inspiration from BK’s Irish origin and coming of age story. BK has always been raw, speaks the truth, and emphasizes the importance of loyalty and trust in his circles. In Mobster, the listener experiences BK’s transitional story from a young adolescent Irishman who gambled with his life through money, women, and material items for what he thought was happiness to a mature young adult who finds true happiness in taking a more practical and rational approach to life. After the release of his sophomore single release, BK is planning a releasing a third single, One Time, set for release in early 2021. One Time will feature club beats while promoting the message of uplifting women from a male’s perspective.

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