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Founder of Super Jewelry Co, Tony “Super” Chang, Shares How He Rose To Success Through a Life of Uncertainty

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Tony Chang has come to accept the idea of living a life of uncertainty. Whether it was moving cities at the drop of a dime in his youth or never fitting in with a career he had chosen, Chang learned that, with self-confidence and determination, he could overcome his fears to search for what was genuinely calling him in life. Now at the head of Super Jewelry Co, Tony Chang has put himself in a position to reach into the global jewelry market, and he could not be happier.

Tony Chang decided to drop out of college after the realization that he longed for financial freedom. While he felt that it was in his best interest, it did not decide to drop his studies any easier. “Honestly, it was horrible and challenging,” Chang bluntly states. Spending years working odd jobs in pursuit of finding his passion, the hopeful entrepreneur found himself being introduced to the CEO of Ablaze International and was soon working for the well-established California jeweler. Here, Chang found a desire to work in the jewelry industry and learn all he could. Then, in 2018, Tony took his newfound knowledge and appreciation for jewelry and established Super Jewelry Co as his own company.

In the last two years, Chang has found great success, but it has come with its moments of doubt as well. “I went through mental breakdowns because I was so used to being an employee, but when I got into business for myself, I literally had to put my old-self and mentality to death.” Tony Chang does not take all the credit for the company successes, though, as he is quick to offer praise to his hard-working team and, most importantly, his wife, who has stuck by his side through thick and thin. Now looking to expand his company to the international market, Chang has a lot on his plate but is facing high reward if he can play his cards right. 

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