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Hollis Jordan ft. Zaire Danae` – “Runaway”

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Artist “Hollis Jordan” born Jordan Hollis McGraw on March 7, 1997 in Detroit, MI. He is the 7th child of his mother, a core business woman “Peggy Simmons”. He is the second cousin of female rapper “Bo$$” of Def Jam Records &  6th cousin to an American trumpeter, composer, singer and occasional actor who was one of the most influential  figures in jazz “Louis Armstrong. He was born into a musical family where all of his family members had a love and  passion for music. In 2007 he attended the African-Centered school “Malcolm X Academy” in Detroit, MI where he struggled to stay out of trouble and fights with other students. An organization called “God’s Little Soldiers” hosted singing auditions for  young males at the school to be apart of the all boys choir by CEO of Motor City Praise Records “James Render”.

Jordan auditioned and was chosen to sing lead for the choir, and from that point on he was deeply rooted in his  passion for music. The choir went on to be very successful, winning multiple awards. Jordan has been an independent  solo artist and music producer since 2011 and does different genres of music like, lead singer of the group “Cruise  Control Soul”. In 2016, he released his first national single “Live For The Moment” produced by older brother well-known Detroit  producer “MoStaxx” which was released on the two of their own recording label “MoStaxx Entertainment”. Since  then, Jordan has released multiple records which have opened eyes and ears of a more diverse and larger fan base.

“Runaway” (Amazon) dchild=1&keywords=runaway+hollis&qid=1602234830&sr=8-4


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