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Rapper YOUWIN’S debut tape “Sad Boy Season” is out, but he’s all smiles

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YOUWIN is an upcoming artist from Newtown Pennsylvania. To look at him you wouldn’t think he would have come from sleepy suburbia. YOUWIN is here to break from the norm and show you that the grass is sometimes bluer on the other side.

Despite the title of YOUWIN’s debut mixtape, there is plenty to smile about. A mixture of pain, dance, trance, soul, and everything in between, YOUWIN is breaking boundaries between genres. As he likes to put it, “You can play my music in the trap, the club, or your kid’s soccer game,”  the ‘Sad Boy Season’ mixtape is a testament to YOUWIN’s versatility and ability to perform in a multitude of different ways. He’s certainly not one note.

Taking a deeper look into ‘Sad Boy Season’ it’s easy to see why YOUWIN is quickly gaining a footing within the industry. From the trance notes of ‘Westwood’ and the soulful vibes of ‘Sugar’, to the tear jerking ‘Spectre’ and the blinding trap hit that is ‘Christopher Wallace’, there is definitely something for everyone. We asked YOUWIN why he decided to showcase so many different styles and sounds within his mixtape “I want to be known for my work ethic, skill, versatility, and to be able to hold my own in any arena of rap”. We certainly feel like he delivered on this one.

There are definitely no fillers on this mixtape. ‘Grow’ again brings another different flavour to the pot with some more old school boom bap vibes, while ‘Sns’ and ‘Drift’ are very synth driven hits but each with a completely different vibe in themselves. ‘Sns’ once again draws upon YOUWIN’s excellent emotional performance (sad boy is in the title for a reason) while ‘Drift’ with its hints of melancholy manages to hit hard with an energetic chorus and catchy hook, a great example of YOUWIN’s ability as a writer.

The ‘Sad Boy Season’ mixtape is a brilliant showcase of what a talented artist can do when they are given full range to explore every aspect of themselves and their own capabilities. We are very excited for what the future holds for YOUWIN. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for any future releases, YOUWIN definitely has a bright and hopefully happy future ahead of him. To keep up to date with all of YOUWIN’s new releases you can find him on all streaming platforms or via Instagram @webothwin.

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