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Rapper Cashoutajay Signs Two Year Deal with Republic Records

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Cashoutajay is a 18 year old hip hop artist from New York. In July 2020 he started his Music Career, by releasing his first Hit Song “Poppin’ Shit”, it garnered almost 3 million streams across all platforms, and was played on radio stations across the Country, it was most popular on the west coast especially.After the Major Success of “Poppin’ Shit”, Ajay’s Manager Warren, helped Ajay arrange meetings with many Labels.
This caught the attention of many A&R’s, across the Music Industry. Once they got in touch with Ajay, Ajay immediately arranged meetings wit different labels, after many meetings, he decided it would be best for him, as a new artist, to sign a deal with Republic Records. To further his new exciting career as a Musical Artist. Ajay recently Announced, he’s dropping a song with Rich The Kid coming soon. ~ Neil Z. Yeung, Rovi

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