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Q&A with Joshua Walton, the 19 year old entrepreneur who launched the app ‘DropZone’

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Who are you:

My name is Joshua Walton I am a 19 year old entrepreneur and computer engineer from Toronto Ontario Canada who currently lives in Orlando Florida previously I was a basketball player with hopes of making it to the NBA however as I got older I realized that that path was not the one for me, I always had a passion for creating things and knew I would become a entrepreneur at sometime in my life and even before I started playing basketball I would tell people I wanted to be a inventor at a early age. I am now on that path as I am now working on my primary project DropZone a service I have started myself as well am brainstorming a few other ideas that I am in the process of bringing to fruition. In addition to this I am also a self taught day trader and have picked some flourish stocks very early. 

What inspired you to do so: 

When creating DropZone I figured if I solved a problem I have others will have the same problem and I felt thats how I could make an impact in the world, I wanted to solve the issue that was not being notified when brands were releasing exclusive products. After discussing with my friends and people close to me it was evident I wasnt the only one experiencing this issue. When this occurred to me I knew I had something special and had to get to work on it. As for day trading my uncle is what inspired me to start as hes the one who showed me the potential for making money and being successful in doing so. 

Describe your work portfolio: 

Dropzone the startup I created, is an instant notification platform where users will be notified via SMS when their favorite companies release products they want to buy so they will be the first to know about it, as in-demand products these days sell out in a matter of minutes. Users also have the option to subscribe to companies as a whole and be notified for any individual productthey release or sale. We currently have a website where users can access this service as well as an app in development. I picked this idea because it is something I as an individual needed, when trying to get an exclusive product most of the time they sell out in a matter of seconds, this led me to miss out on exclusive products many times. There are also many times I was unaware completely about the release of a product and after it came out I wished I knew about it. In addition to this, I believe it should benefit the retailers of these products because the more people that know about your product the better it will sell. Oftentimes as well companies will have a sale and most people will not know about it therefore they are not maximizing the potential of it.

Whats your future plans in respect to your growth and expandation

To expand I would like to expand my team and primarily add a group of computer engineers to it as well as relocating the company to California. In addition to this I would like to sign smaller brands to up to my service as I believe it will benefit both parties. I would also like some influencers to promote the company as well as use it for their Merch drop releases to expand their user base. In the long term my goal is to have every brand ranging from designer to streetwear using the app, as well as a partnership with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where users will be able to see any product they like click on it and get notified about its release date. 

Any life changing moments? Describe.

A life changing moment for me would be the passing away of my sister, it really put my life in perspective and showed me I really have to put my head down and just work to better the lives of those around me. Another life changing moment for me is meeting my mentor Warren Sturt he taught me a lot about business and marketing as well as how to launch a successful product without his guidance I would not be in the same position. In addition to this the pandemic as a whole helped shape my perspective on what I should be doing, not being able to go out helped me start all my ideas and start building my company as well as it gave me the opportunity to see how beneficial day trading can be in making profits 

Where to find and keep up with Joshua: 

@joshwaltonn (personal)

@dropzone_app (site)

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