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Bmayzee saves 2020 with the release of his latest EP “Vaccine”

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It’s been a rough year for the world, much less the music industry, but Bmayzee comes through clutch with his EP “Vaccine.”


From a resident of Lancaster, NY, Bmayzee rose to hip-hop fame after his career in Motocross was ended prematurely in 2008 after a life-threatening injury that left him with a broken neck and back, punctured lungs, and internal bleeding from damage to his heart. Having the ambition and unwavering work ethic as a professional athlete, he transitioned into music after his recovery and gained recognition in the industry with the release of his 2012 debut album “The Throttles Still Twisted.” The album went on to sell 40,000 units on iTunes in the first few months alone and gained him a record deal with Akon’s label, Konvict Music, which Bmayzee declined. Bmayzee wasn’t out for money and fame but enjoying the feeling of adrenaline music brought while connecting with fans worldwide and inspiring positivity.


After following his album with a number of releases, he is closing off 2020 with his latest project, the seven track EP “Vaccine.”  In only its first week of release, Vaccine accumulated 200K streams and continues to climb with every passing day, marking a new chapter in Bmayzee’s booming career. The project is solid in every aspect, from beat selection to subject content, to lyrics and melody. Bmayzee set out to create a body of work that fans would appreciate, also appealing to a wide audience in the world’s current climate. Tracks like the heartfelt, “Pot of Gold” featuring Jelly Roll, expresses thoughts and emotions on existing topics like police brutality and oppression, bridging the gap between color and race, fighting against the powers that be collectively. Jelly Roll adds a unique touch, rapping bars around drug use and harmful coping mechanisms as a gateway to escape the chaos. Bmayzee taps into his experiences of hardship during his come up and gives hope and inspiration to fans to never give up on their chapter. While Pot of Gold brings a deep dynamic to the EP, Bmayzee expresses varying emotions throughout the project, giving a complete feel upon listening. With club bangers like “Country Party” to vibe and chill, to the life changing stories of “Transform,” Bmayzee’s Vaccine is the project we knew we needed.


Now out on streaming platforms, Vaccine is available for fans and music lovers alike. Get submersed in Bmayzee’s world in the cadence and experience of Vaccine and follow him online via the links:





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