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Diego Fresh Teams Up with Boosie Badazz for New Single

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What is your full given name, and (if applicable) what is your stage name? 


Where were you born, and where do you live now?  

St. Louis now Seattle


In general, what led you to music? 


PLAYING AROUND, LONG STORY. Someone asked me if I was the plug or the middle man, I said if you ask me that one more time I’m going to make a song. I went to this producer by the name of Leviticus Black, he made the song around my chorus or hook Idea.  We laid the track with the Help Of Clemm Rishad Clemm. Upon finishing Clemm Sent the Song over to Street Runner. CLEMM is a Grammy Award winning writer.  Street Runner Helped Me Find My Rap Voice, He also has grammys with notable artists.  I account for the jump in my music career to Jim-E-O, Street Runner,  And Clemm, With the help of a few others including Coach Carlos From WACF/WACG.

What’s something that you believe connects your fans to this song?


Go Head is for Rich Folks, it ain’t for everyone. Its about taking care of a woman for a weekend and nothing more unless she is worth it. “Getting Flown OUT Period LOL! Everyone likes a good time and every man likes a quickie LOL 


How would you describe your sound?

I was in the Army along time and my friends was from everywhere so I sound like errrbody into one person.

Tell us more about your production process, and how much of it do you do yourself? (do you have a producer, a team of producers, do you self-produce, etc.) We are a Team, The best music comes from a group process! I got big dog writers and producers in my corner! Street Runner, Heavy “from QC”, Clemm Rishad,  and K-Phi.


What is next for you? 

Putting out more music and content. Also in the process of dropping my new cannabis line Fresh Cut and ultimately becoming a billionaire. 


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