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Actor and Musician Balthazar Getty and Rapper Chino XL Drop First Single “Ethiopia” From Forthcoming EP “Chino vs. Balt”

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Today Balthazar Getty’s music label, Purplehaus Music releases the first single “Ethiopia” from the forthcoming EP “CHINO vs. BALT.”

Los Angeles born-and-raised multi-talent Balthazar Getty is back with another single we can all be thankful for this November. Getty’s latest collaboration with master lyricist Chino XL “Ethiopia” draws inspiration from creative insomnia.

Freeform creativity and lots of late-night phone calls led to CHINO vs BALT, the definitive collaboration between Balthazar Getty and Chino XL. With critical acclaim and cultural respect, Chino XL is known for his impressive penmanship and thought-provoking lyrics. The debut single delivers a unique tone that doesn’t sacrifice intensity or edge; In “Ethiopia”, listeners will hear an evolved sound from Chino XL that only gets better with time.

Pandemic insomnia afflicted both Chino and Balthazar throughout 2020. In the end, sleep deprivation proved genius doesn’t sleep, as evidenced in “Ethiopia.” Getty’s slow, dark and mesmerizing guitars and drum break provide the perfect canvas for Chino to run wild. The track taps into the altered reality and blurred lines that many experience with lack of sleep. The lyrics delve into the mind of a man under the influence who can no longer tell the difference between his dreams and nightmares:

“Ethiopian smoking I can barely breathe, how can I wake up from a nightmare when I can’t sleep?! Ever smoke until your own mind betrays you. Or keep feeding your own demon until it slays you?”

Chino takes listeners on an incredibly vivid and entertaining journey of raw expression, clever wordplay and bravado. The duo believes that making music both simple yet compelling is a true sign of mastery. The two veterans create a vibe that harkens to the golden age of lyricism and 90s hip hop roots, all while representing the present day sound.

The full Chino vs. Balt EP drops November 16, 2020.

To celebrate the single’s release, Purplehaus Music announces a fan-generated music video contest for “Ethiopia.” Balthazar Getty and Chino XL invite fans to send in music video submissions for a chance to create their own interpretation of creative insomnia. Fans are encouraged to submit their original art, animations, and music videos inspired by the track. The winning submission will be announced on December 5, 2020, and published to both Balthazar Getty’s and Chino XL’s social media channels.

The selected grand prize winner will also receive a lithograph print of the original album art, signed by Getty and Chino XL along with a $1000 cash via Visa gift card.


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