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Fenzrir: The Bronx Rapper Using Rage as a Guiding Light for his Music

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“Rage is a powerful tool and, if used correctly, you can keep moving forward,” says Bronx rapper Fenzrir. Inspired by artists like Hollywood Undead and Bring Me The Horizon, Fenzrir is making music that transcends genres and blends various pop, hip-hop, and rock subgenres. Self-identifying his sound as being Viking inspired, the New York rapper’s sound most likely would find a home in the Rap-Rock or Rap-Metal genres. However, as exemplified on his latest album, Fenzrir will not let critics put whatever label they want on his music, as he consistently keeps listeners on their toes.

Fenzrir’s 2020 album is a genre-bending project filled with Rap-Rock vocals and tribal sounding production. The standout track, God Complex, feels as if it could be Corey Taylor’s step into rap music. With sonics inspired by Rage Against the Machine and Slipknot, Fenzrir is dipping his toes into creating new genres and soundscapes never done before.

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