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The Ever-Evolving Artist Duo BriGuel & Torchbearers Of A Borderless Genre Release A New EP “TBD”

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After their previously released EP 2020 Vision, TBD is BriGuel’s latest creative effort, a record home to a collection of six songs. From Hip-Hop to pop, electronic music, and r&b, the talented duo has crafted a genre borderless project that continues distilling messages of hope, love, and tolerance. Musically, they clearly go further than anything they’ve released so far, exploring and experimenting with new fusions of dream-pop and deep progressive house. Miguel Gluckstern serves melodic hip hop and his signature bilingual conscious rap, while Brianne Berkson’s magnetism is as powerful as ever thanks to her smooth and lush contemporary R&B vocals. In perpetual search of new sonorities, while shaping their new songs, BriGuel continues proving that passion is the strongest drive and appeal when it comes to art.

Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern have been a couple since the day they found each other. BriGuel is a combination of Brianne and Miguel. When they first met, there was an instant chemistry that still operates today, and last year, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Aiyanna.

The first time Brianne recorded music was on Miguel’s rap album back in 2016. Inspired by legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse, she has been conquering her fanbase with her signature lush, contemporary electro-pop and r&b vocals. On the other hand, Miguel, who was already a rapper and a film director when the couple met, is one of the most talented Hip-Hop artists capable of rapping both in Spanish and English. As a young kid growing up, he was obsessed with Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell, the producer who rapped on MJ’s “Black Or White.”

BriGuel has also toured with the official tour DJ of 50 Cent DJ Chubby Chubb performing 5 shows across Austin during SXSW 2019.

The couple in life and arts share their taste for electronic music, pop, rap, and r&b, and have over the years used all of these influences in their music. What truly sets them apart from most of their peers is their deep connection with the world, as they feel mandated with a mission to play their part in raising consciousness about key issues. Their philosophy and focus on significant and profound issues that concern both people at their individual levels and more global ones is a rare enough occurrence in the industry to be pointed out, and a greatly inspiring journey for the millions out there looking for substance through music.

Most of the songs they have released so far are catchy with simple messages and come alongside beautiful visuals, no extraordinary fact knowing that both are film directors and editors, and make their visuals entirely themselves. Everything they do is personal, something that contrasts with others in the industry. They have rejected so many offers that required them to do, say, or be things they felt didn’t correspond to their reality, dream, or mission. Authenticity is a factor that often pays off in the long run, and at a time when so many aim for ephemeral careers in music, BriGuel is undoubtedly here to stay.

The 6-track EP features 2 songs (“TBD” and “Can We Be Love”) performed in collaboration with Andres Gonzales, with whom they have previously worked on the EP ‘2020 Vision’ as well as on a documentary co-created with the founder of the HLF organization, helping children from underserved communities in Baltimore.

TBD demonstrates BriGuel’s versatility and utterly free approach to sound and is set to spark mass appeal among a wide spectrum of listeners, as each will find a genre they like to access BriGuel’s universal message; love.

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