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Carrying His Own Career, So Gaudy Does It All Himself With “Vinny Vallacci”

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For those just getting to know the artist So Gaudy, you better do so now before the young Las Vegas native takes off. Helping his case towards stardom, he has recently released his 13-track album titled “Vinny Vallacci.” More impressively, the young rapper has single-handedly released his album using his home studio and record label he built from the ground up.


With all the tools in So Gaudy’s hands, he made each track on “Vinny Vallacci” exactly how he wanted. Being able to control the sound was able to give the project its own unique sound. An excellent example of this would be his 7th track on the album called “Kick Doe.” In this 2 minute track, the rapper has lots of added effects and beat cuts that make the song unique and unlike most rap tracks.


Using all of his tools he’s built over the years, So Gaudy has been able to present his fans with his best project yet. From this, he has already impressed people by showing them what a self-taught rapper and producer can do. 

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