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Solochek’s Music Captivates Audiences

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Singer/-songwriter Solochek explores the meaning of being present in his cathartic and captivating new single, DRIVE.  His sweet and powerful songwriting is supported by some truly magical indie rock grooves that only add levity to this humble yet compelling new release.  With his bluesy voice and tantalizing guitar lines he makes a compelling argument for just jumping in the car with a loved one and taking off into the night.

   Solochek is a story-teller and his superb musicianship provides the landscape like the soundtrack to a movie. He admits that his life often feels like a movie that has ended and begun again a thousand times. So, it is of little surprise that a large part of his musical career was spent playing piano in the background of restaurants, coffee shops and even weddings where he provided the backdrop to numerous others’ lives. 

“I learned a lot about not being the center of attention rather being a part of an experience from playing background music.”



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