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Pittsburgh Based Artist, Ace Jr. with his new video “All In”

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Ace Jr. went to school outside of Pittsburgh but got to consistently experience New York and it’s culture every summer. His mission with music is to “show what I’m about with my team and make the people feel me with every song I put out”. Ace Jr. is a upcoming artist who feels the pressure but doesn’t let it affect him negatively, “I can’t lose or let anyone down. If everything I say is real, someone is gonna enjoy it”.

Other artists like Big Daffi & Dream Cash made appearances on his last tape, “Life I’m Living” and as the year closes, much more is expected of Ace Jr. to produce in 2021. His personal goal for 2021 he mentioned, “is to take over and propel my career towards major levels”.


To keep up with Ace Jr. and his journey throughout his break in the music industry:

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