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Interview with Rising Edmonton Artist PSL

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What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement would be this summer when I topped the Hip Hop/Rap charts on Soundcloud at #1 with 2 songs ‘Drowning” & “Shisha” both singles from my latest album called “In My Head”. I count it as my greatest achievement because my main goal once I started taking music seriously, was to find my music on any chart, not specifically at #1 but I wanted to get up there.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspirations are Dr Dre & Scott Storch for beat producing & for artist Drake, 50 Cent, Future & Kanye I have on repeat.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
In 1 year I see myself doing a lot more music & some shows ( Once this virus slows down). I also see myself doing features with more established artists that I look up to.

Where are you from?
I was born in Port Au Prince Haiti. Came to Canada at the age of 2.
Grew up in New Brunswick & Toronto. I’ve been living in Edmonton since 2016.

Are you currently employed? Are you working on any projects?
I’m currently focused on my music career and a few side businesses that I have started with my friends in the city. After releasing this album I’m right back into recording for my next project.

Who are your top 3 greatest artists of all time / dead or alive?
My top 3 greatest artists of all time are Kanye, 50 cent & Drake.

What are you in this industry for?
I’m in this industry to get my music heard while being able to handle my business at the same time. I work many hours perfecting my music while being transparent & willing to learn in each step.

How long have you been making music?
I’ve been making music for over 10 years but I started to take it more seriously since streaming and social media been so accessible & the best way to reach people with my music

What’s your next move?
My next move is a new single & visuals. Now that I released this album I feel like it’s time to give my fans a better visual experience of my music

Are you working with any artists in your local scene or internationally?

At the moment I have only 1 local feature with my friend @Island.Grind on instagram. which is a tribute to Goerge Floyd & all those affected directly by the injustice in this world. 2021 I want to start working with a lot more artists locally & Internationally.

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