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Indies gives artists the power, launching a system that Monitors Broadcasting Worldwide

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As the world assimilates with technology, success in the music industry depends on how an artist or label can attain fast and reliable musical data. Inc, or DRT for short, has stepped up to the challenge and has created a dynamic and game changing system that expands and reinforces any individual or company in the music industry with real-time dependable data on radio airplay of their songs. The private firm, based in the United States, has developed a platform that is both user-friendly and provides music clients with lucrative and creative marketing research initiatives. The intent isn’t self-focused, but built to benefit players in the music industry, whether big or small, providing them with insights personally designed to help drive profitable growth and upward expansion.


DRT accomplishes this innovative task with tracking radio airplay of songs on over 5000+ radio stations globally. The stations spread across a wide net to bring the most benefit to clients of the platform. From Terrestrial FM (Commercial & Non-Commercial), College and Satellite, to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. DRT utilizes their very own premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring system with superior tracking technology software to monitor radio airplay and detect songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


The system keeps a log in its database of all data collected for a fluent and effective dissemination process from DRT to the client. Records hold everything from the version of the song and even records the date and time it is played. While there are many companies claiming to have an elite monitoring system, they pale in compression to the level of details captured and made accessible to clients as DRT. In fact, DRT’s website provides music charts of songs played on a national level for the current week for Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, Country, Christian/Gospel, Rock, right down the extensive genre ladder.


DRT isn’t aimed to simply please the top contenders, but giving access of their platform to any artist, record label, publisher, booking agent, radio station programmer, online and small-market Terrestrial FM radio station and business, so they too can compete and have an edge in the music industry. 


In an effort to continue developing their system and platform to be the most efficient tool for the industry, DRT has launched its brand of customized DRT Certified Plaques in February 2020. These official DRT Chart-based plaques are available for any artist/song-titles that appeared on any of the DRT Charts from 2014 to the present day. The plaques are 3-dimensional with full-color screening and raised inserts and are split into different categories; a standard plaque and a video-enhanced plaque. What DRT has accomplished is a step that polarizes how the music industry is spread across the board. Being the first music company using Augmented Reality Technology to launch video enhanced plaques with the artist’s video embedded into the plaque, is an accolade that DRT is deserving of. The technology allows any smartphone or smart device to scan the plaque and play the video. 


DRT has pushed the envelope on what it means to look out for artists and music-based organizations and provide something that evens the playing field, no matter what level that individual or organization may stand. To register for a FREE DRT Account, access the link and check out the following resources for more information and updates:



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