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Deja Vu Releases Her Long Anticipated Video “Chop Chop”

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Back in September this year, Deja Vu Released her single called “Chop Chop” which was received well by her growing fan base. After reaching thousands of views on Spotify, the rapper soon decided it was time to follow up the hit with an engaging visual.

Now in December, Deja Vu is capping off her year by celebrating with her music video for “Chop Chop”. Directed by Quarantine Terentino, “Chop Chop” has a high budget look with its professional camera quality and moody lighting.

In this video Deja Vu plays the role of a boss villiness who is running the show behind the scenes. One scene from the video is Deja Vu in a full Edward Scissor Hand costume ready to chop someone. With creative ideas mixed with her hit single, “Chop Chop” is now a truly complete project.

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