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Darriel Cannon AKA FatCat Finishes the Year Strong With “Options”

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With this year coming to a close, Darriel Cannon has just released one of his biggest singles yet called “Options”. Also known under the moniker, “FatCat” the young rapper chose to team up with female teen rapper “That Girl Lay Lay” and have delivered a quality single together.


“Options” performed by FatCat is about different girls trying to get the young rapper’s attention while his eyes are set on a certain one. The track starts out with a smooth guitar and vocal samples, quickly going right into FatCat’s performance. That Girl Lay Lay soon after takes verse 2 and raps about a similar storyline but from the girl’s perspective. 


With this release being FatCat’s fourth release ever, he is well on his way to becoming a star. He has already ended the year perfectly, racking up more than 30 thousand streams on his newest single.


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