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Rapper O’Deriic Releases Newly LIT Single

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Rapper O’Deriic has recently released his single “Summers Up” just in time for the cold weather.

Showing off the scope of his lyrical range and diverse content, this single was intended to keep listeners’ heads bopping with a hard knocking beat.

“I want them to indulge in my wordplay”, says O’Deriic. “I’ve worked hard on my previous tracks and I want Summers Up to show my fans how much I’ve progressed as a rapper.”

From the early age of three, O’Deriic has been singing most of his young life. This has given him the opportunity to grow into his voice and continually reinvent his sound as he’s grown.

Currently standing at over a hundred thousand video views on Youtube and Spotify streams, the response to “Summers Up” is hinting at a bright future for O’Deriic.

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