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Charles Moore’s “The Black Market” is a perfect guide to art collectors of Black Artists

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Charles Moore has published what is the most concise collection of information for persons wanting to become expert collectors of Black artists in his book “The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting.”

Charles Moore is no stranger to the world of art. Having graduated Harvard University with a Masters in Museum Studies, holding a B.S. from Ferris State University, and an M.B.A. from St John’s University, Charles Moore has gone on to publish works on the subject of contemporary arts and related topics on Artnet, Artsy, and Cultured Magazine, and many other places. Currently he is enrolled at Columbia University’s Teachers College to attain his Doctorate in Art and Museum Studies. While he continues to become a staple in the creative world, he is using his expertise and extensive knowledge to share his wisdom on art collection in his first book The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collection.

Many persons hold interest in embarking on their journey to becoming art collectors of Black artists but are bombarded with the daunting task of navigating the industry. There are many ins and out, do’s and don’ts, and misconceptions of Black Artists, and Charles Moore has taken it upon himself to bring clarity and show art collectors the way, giving them the best chance to becoming successful in their pursuit for art. The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting flips through the history pages of Black Artists in the United States, opening newcomers, and struggling collectors to the foundation from which art collecting evolved.

Moore’s book breaks down the collecting trade in detail, answering questions by diving into Black art history and laying out a solid blueprint for starting a collection. With unearthed and coveted information about Black artists born between 1900 to 1990, Moore leads the reader from inception, to where collecting now stands, and in so doing recommends literature to read about Black culture and Black artists, museums and their exhibitions, galleries, art shows, and auctions that prove pivotal in giving an edge in the art collection industry. The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting highlights interviews and advice from collection artists across the spectrum, top art schools, veterans, to newcomers gaining recognition. The book also takes into account that beginners may not be aware of art lingo necessary to smoothly capture the collectors market, thus including an all-encompassing guide; glossary of common terms, notes on art insurance, and art storage and maintenance.

Charles Moore has written The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting in a fresh and captivating way, creatively weaving hiphop legend Jay-Z’s love for art collecting and referencing genius creative Kanye West who enlisted artists for some of his most polarizing album covers. The book’s dynamic representation has risen it to critical acclaim with reviews like:

“Collectors are discovering the amazing talents of Black artists. Charles Moore helps direct new collectors through the world of galleries and institutions … to make their journey in the art world less daunting.” –Beth Rudin DeWoody, Whitney Museum Board Member and American art patron, collector, curator, and philanthropist

“Charles Moore has assembled a remarkable, informative survey of African American Art conservation and collecting. His synopsis of major artists, galleries, museums, and movements within the field is enlightening and engaging. Readers will appreciate the material that is showcased and the conversations the works will prompt. The consideration of artists born in each decade of the 20th century is a much-needed addition to the field and dialogue of Black Art History.” –Jessica Tingling, San Francisco

“A connoisseur offers advice for collecting African American works of art … An essential primer on collecting Black art that expertly blends the passion of an art student with the expertise of an insider.” –Kirkus Reviews

“The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting is a primer for would-be collectors and provides information on how to start collecting pieces from African American and Black artists.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Charles Moore holds nothing back in his book The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting, even exposing places he goes to enjoy and learn about art and network at events and parties. For anyone interested in art collection, whether beginner or already in the industry, The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting is a must read. For more information and to get your copy, visit Charles Moore’s website or