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Seattle Rapper Macntaj Has the Music World at His Feet

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When you think of the hip-hop industry, the city of Seattle isn’t one of the first thoughts that come to mind. Despite the lack of musicians from this city, rapper Macntaj is making a name for himself nationwide through his authentic catalogue. Like most, he found healing by getting in front of the mic and recording hits. Before releasing his successful debut project Trappy Gilmore and his latest music video “Victim,” the artist was struggling with his past and environment. Macntaj had a dark upbringing due to growing up in a toxic home that caused him to become an angry teenager. Expelled from more schools than he can remember, Taj found it almost impossible to channel his anger at the negativity that formed the backdrop of his existence.

The son of divorced parents, Taj grew up in Skyway in South Seattle with his mom and abusive older brother. His dad, an immigrant from Ghana, had beaten the odds to achieve his own version of the American dream: a business and a middle-class life on Seattle’s affluent Mercer Island. Growing up, things became so dark for him that he fell into gang life. He saw how much other people respected and feared his brother and he wanted that respect for himself. Anxious to prove himself, Taj took bigger and bigger risks and he was soon regarded as a leader in both cities. He believes it was divine intervention that kept him out of prison during those years.

“The only reason anyone joins a gang is out of fear.  Fear of what other people might think of you. I cared about what people who didn’t know me at the time thought about me.”

Through music he found an escape from anything dark that took over his upbringing. He expressed that music is his freedom from anything he has ever felt ashamed of. Today, Taj has found balance with his music which has always been a creative outlet and a solace. With everything he has seen and overcame, he is easily destined to take over the music game. He now has the music world at his feet while he just keeps getting better and better with each release.

Watch his latest video below and keep up with him on IG.


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