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351Loaded Is Making Big Music Moves In the Bronx With His Release “Pain I Felt”

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For those who are just getting to know 351LOADED, he is a melodic rapper from the Bronx, New York, who has recently come on to the music scene in 2020. Pandemic and all, he’s still been able to release a total of four singles, which have all been quality productions. 


Most recently, 351LOADED released his single “Pain I Felt,” which has so far gotten him over 650,000 collective plays on both Spotify and YouTube. The majority of the traffic has come from his music video where 351LOADED reflects on the story about his life and the hard times he’s gone through. In the video, the Bronx native is living well: he has a girl, a nice car, clothes, and of course, expensive jewelry. 


With 351LOADED doing numbers so fast, there has been the talk of the Bronx rapper having a big year in 2021. It’s not often rappers reach success this quick straight out of the gate, so this makes 351LOADED one to keep an eye on in this next coming season.

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