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Talib Kweli & Papoose Talk Prison, His Infamous Jive Deal, Remy Ma, & Violator | People’s Party Full

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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with rapper, songwriter, elite lyricist, and one of the true champions of the mix-tape era:


There’s a ton of history covered with the mix-tape king during this thorough discussion. Here’s a brief overview:

• The living legacy and influence of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G Rap.
• Working with Busta Rhymes on ‘Touch It’ remix and what it did for Pap’s career.
• Pap Giving DJ Kay Slay his demo tape fresh off a prison bid.
• Defunding the police, prison reform, community policing, and black ownership.
• Signing a record deal with Jive for $1.5 million and the fallout that followed.
• The backlash from records like ‘Change Gone Come’ and ‘Sharades’.
• The hip-hop marriage of Papoose and Remy Ma, and how they got together.
• Starring on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and Pap’s surprise about how his fans reacted.
• Papoose’s latest album ‘Endangered Species’.
• Covid-19 and its impact on the marginalized.
• Who will carry the torch for today’s generation of emcees.

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