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Artist to Watch: Texas Rapper Nita Jonez

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In 2018, Nita Jonez was handpicked by Pusha T to be apart of the 1800 seconds album. She was on her way to work when Pusha called she mentioned She thought it was a scam so didn’t respond right away. Nita was one of the handpicked 10 artists for the 1800 seconds album. The artist performed her song “Rocking Hills” in New York and Detroit, and recorded the album at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles California.

Nita has an upcoming release called “Sum More” be on the lookout. Nita recently released a collaboration track that’s available now on all platforms “RIDE”. The video is expected to drop in November 2020. Check out our interview with the rising artist below.


Walk me through your childhood, what is like growing up in Texas?  Well growing up in the Backstreet of Houston Texas I pretty much rode horses all my life. Haha! Nawl I’m just kidding. But in reality it’s been a lot of hot summers in Houston. I’m really family oriented. My grandmother use to dress up all the time and put me in beauty pageants. My childhood memories would be growing up in the church house. My mom had me in the church every Sunday. Matter of fact like three times a week we attended bible study and any church function that ever existed.

How did you get into music? Around the age of 5 or 6 my sister and I use to record ourselves rapping and singing. I remember my brother use to sing and rap to me all the time. I think it was in my siblings genes. My brother used to battle with Scarface (Brad Jordan)Brad Jordan was actually my brother’s B-Box.
Who were some of your earliest inspirations? Lil Troy- Wanna be a baller shot caller 20inch blades on an impaula! I’m inspired by legendary people that when come to my city everybody knows the music. This song will always be a classic for Houston forever. I have wide category selection of music; Aaliyah’s One in a million and Monica’s Ms. Thang album went hard when I was a kid.
What can you tell us about your forthcoming single “Sum More”? I feel like I’m talking my shit… You gotta give me some more cuz my prices just went up. I feel like I’m taking it to the next level.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? Doja cat and Rico nasty because there style is different and I feel I can mesh well with there style.

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