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Prxscott Is Back and Ready to Throw Down Some Serious Tracks

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Stepping away from work is an intrinsic part of the creative process. Whether it’s because they get stuck and blocked, or because they need to have more life to draw from in their creations, the image of an artist who steps back from their work for a while is a common one. So the fact that Prxscott of the Northern Legends EP fame did just that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

It’s not like Prxscott’s been idle the whole time. There were things to deal with, after all. Prxscott’s long had the issue many artists have when they strive to be better so much that it becomes disruptive of the process.

Prxscott’s time away also gave him the opportunity to pursue his other interests, which also have to do with witnessing the everyday lives around him and shining a light on them through his lens. Prxscott’s long had a writing streak—the man knows his way around words, that’s for sure—and this time he decided to employ it in a book-writing venture that resulted in his book “Black People in Oregon?” a tale of being Black in a state that’s decidedly not.

For the fans who are yearning for the next music Prxscott is releasing, they don’t need to worry. He’s been spitting lines and throwing down tracks like there’s no tomorrow. The next year, 2021, will see not one, not two, but three projects come from Prxscott’s little bakery of delicious art, and the anticipation for every one of them is almost palpable.

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