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3 Artists embrace their own mental health with their latest single “Sometimes”.

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During the first lockdown , 3 city barbers

Rallo , FiLO and Leumas Rey came together to put their creativity and expression to the test.

This test was really to tap into their past traumas, struggles and self issues to share their stories for a bigger puropse than just themselves.

Their communities were spread out. But the unity was stronger than ever between the 3 friends. The trio believes everyone that you never know what someone else is going through but to express whats goin on beneath the surface is a true challenge.

No love was lost within the music but what was suppressed in the heart can really be set free. Male mental health has Stigmas associated with mental health issues which comes from misguided views that these individuals are “different,” from everyone else. Early beliefs about what causes mental health issues included demonic or spiritual possession, which led to caution, fear, and discrimination.

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