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A Plunge of Faith: The Journey of

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Many individuals have critical ‘pivot points’ in their lives where they are expected to make a decision. Their interests and passions fuel their journey to the destination, yet the circumstances suggest they choose otherwise. Due to this pressure, many people ignore their inner voice, deciding to take an easy route out of the situation.

While most people like making their lives easier, some people take a route that is not preferred by most people. Such individuals have the drive and fire within them to achieve the unachievable. Listening to your inner voice and making things happen has the potential to bring a huge change that many people fail to observe. Regardless of the risk involved, some fearless individuals in this world still go with what they believe in. Such people have the capacity to take on the challenge head to head because of their gut instinct about the decisions. All it takes is a plunge of faith to reach great places in life.

Transforming Dreams into Reality
One such few daring individuals are George Oliver Jr, a music enthusiast who has taken a plunge of faith in the radio services with the launch of While the world is shifting to one-tap music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud, George has believed in Radio’s potential.

Radio has a spark that no other music platform can provide. It is still counted as one of the music sources that can top the charts. George, also known as DJ G-Boogie, held this perspective in the music services and, without hesitating even once, launched on October 28, 2015.

When deciding to revive a service that has started to fade, there is a lot of uncertainty and risk. The same was the case with RealMuzic.Net. With the introduction of convenient music streaming, Radio has lost a huge following base. Nevertheless, despite being the journey as a risk, George believed in this idea with his heart and soul. “Radio is a global industry, and its end is not so near,” says George.

The connection between Radio and music has been cherished since the beginning and will remain fresh until the end. The idea of came into being when a group of DJs and radio lovers came to George and requested to do something for the revival of radio services. At that time, it was just an abstract idea. However, George transformed this idea into a success that is known as RealMuzic.Net today.

The Resurrection of the Radio Culture
RealMuzic.Net is not just a transformed radio service but is also solace for many music lovers. Based in New Iberia, a city in South Louisiana, it is an online radio station that creates accessibility in this convenience era. While adding immense value to music, RealMuzic.Net is also gradually becoming a part of the American lifestyle. Within a short span of 5 years, the radio service has created a worldwide fan base in not just the U.S. but also different parts of the world, with approximately 52 million global listeners.

George’s experience of being a DJ has played a major role in laying a strong foundation of the RealMuzic.Net. Due to his expertise and understanding of music and its industry, RealMuzic.Net has expanded its service stations in several parts of the country, including Texas, Atlanta, and Mississippi.

The RealMuzic.Net app majorly focuses on enhancing the user experience. Precisely the reason they have attracted such a big audience base because they majorly focus on their consumers, which most services fail to do. The option of casting a vote when they like a song or requesting what they want to hear are some of their little ways through which the RealMuzic.Net keeps its audience engaged. This further helps them get an idea about what their audience would like to hear, adding more value to their service.

As an online radio station, RealMuzic.Net has been able to attract an audience from all age groups. It completely aligns with the idea of music being one click away while keeping the alive the soul of the Radio.

Life is unpredictable, and so are many decisions. Yet, there are often times when a plunge of faith has to be taken in order to reach the sky. RealMuzic.Net is one of the successful results of such a decision that has returned the music enthusiasts with the gift of Radio. It is an experience for music lovers that has been nothing but a huge success in the short span of its existence. The feel of the Radio is completely different, which makes the radio services of RealMuzic.Net stand out in this age of one-tap music streaming apps, keeping the radio culture alive.

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