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L-da Wild Talks New Album and Future Tours

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L-da Wild, the Canadian native, has been on the rise in making a global name for herself. While she loves to and frequently plays local shows within North America, she could barely contain her excitement regarding her emerging world-wide listeners. When asked what excites her the most about her fast-growing music career, she had just one word: “Touring.” she went on, “There is nothing like it. The energy you feel from a live show is just euphoric. I want to do that. On all the big stages and in all the big places.”

Based on the success of her music, L-da is well on her way to playing those world tours. Her new album “In the Making” brought in hundreds of thousands of streams, and for considerable reasons. It is a rarity for a musician to both sing and write all of their tracks, but even more of a rarity to see a musician also produce and play the instruments on them as well. L-da’s future couldn’t be brighter, and her career is only just beginning. While she is always excited about how far she has come, she is even more excited for all that she can do with her future. After the release of her most recent album, she wasted no time in getting right back into the studio to work on something new. She predicts her next album will release in early 2021.


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