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DFD Music Billboard Charting Artist’s Davis Chris & Mr Foster Bring Awareness About Sexual Abuse Thru New Single

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What is your full given name, and what is your stage name?

CD: Chris Davis; My Stage name is Davis Chris

SF: Shane Foster; My Stage name is Mr Foster (no period)


Where were you born, and where do you live now?

CD: Honolulu, Hawaii and I live in Hollywood, California

SF: Washington, DC and I Live in Atlanta, Georgia

How do you actively seek inspiration, or does it find you? Or is it a combination of the two?

Everything is a song to us.  We take from situations, past experiences and current conversations we have with artists; translating to real creative songs . Our brand thrives on authenticity.

 What’s next for Davis Chris & Mr Foster Let’s talk about your upcoming  projects. What was the inspiration behind it?

Our next single focuses on SEXUAL ABUSE among children. This testimony of this song is  designed to encourage anyone who has been in a situation like this to possibly get help, speak out, vent, or gain closure. We are donating a portion of sales to to combat this serious issue. For the new single “Blood Aint Thicker than Water”  “I wanted to tell a story about a girl I knew that was victim of sexual abuse from a family member and lyrically wanted to paint a picture while being  descriptive as possible to hflet others know that you are not alone.”

What do you rely on to be successful in your upcoming  project?

We have a lot of faith in our talent and analytical research skills. We have landed on Billboard in four different genres all because we conducted over 20,000 hours of research in each specific genre. Also extensive knowledge in Engineering and Music theory helps out alot when creating projects. Between the both of us we have over 40,000 hours of OJT  internships ( On the job training ) related to music production & Engineering  and other aspects of entertainment business ranging from marketing to legal. This has been our key to success. Doing the research then execute.

Anything else this year for DFD Music?

Yes, we have our album “American Resurrection” dropping Dec 11th. It features Grammy Award winning artist Paul Wall from Houston, World Champion sprinter Noah Lyles, and so many more.  


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