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BOLD Entertainment Group inspires greatness

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With so many music labels slaving artists, one stands true to prioritizing their artists’ best interest. Welcoming, BOLD Entertainment Group.

What started out as an initial meeting of like minds in college, Brandon White, Max Ishikawa and Jordan Patterson also known as WilliamGold, have taken the step to polarizing the music industry. The trio always tackled life with a BOLD perspective, facing all that comes head on, not in fear of going after the things they wanted in life before letting pass them by. Wanting to spread this ideology to the masses, they co-founded the music label, entertainment company and lifestyle brand, BOLD Entertainment Group. BOLD Entertainment Group serves as an advocate for instilling the importance of brotherhood, having close friends and family along life’s journey.

BOLD Entertainment Group became a reality in 2020 and have since been on a path to taking over the industry and inspiring artist’s dreams with their resources, connections, and business savvy strategies. Two such artists, native of Champaign-Urbana, IL, managed by Max and Brandon under the BOLD imprint are co-founder WilliamGold and his brother Arktic.

WilliamGold has been an artist, producer, songwriter, and lyricist for 14 years. His life has been immersed in the music world, has developed a keen connection with sounds across a wide range of genres. This is due to his environment revolving around record crates, turntables, and keyboards. It was all but inevitable that Gold would follow his calling of surmounting to a legend in the music industry. Gold also shares a love for the countryside, which has complimented his already varying musical tastes. His talent has the unique ability to transition between multiple genres without losing any drop in the quality of music fans know him to compose. Whether Trap, Hip-Hop, Conscious Rap, Jazz, R&B, House, or Soul, Gold creates hip-hop infused masterpieces. His purpose is layered within his music, expressing his dreams and realities in flawless fashion. With the release of his two new singles, “GucciShoes” and “Creek N. Mist” along with his debut studio album “Asleep With The TV On,” earlier in the year, WilliamGold is making a statement that with BOLD Entertainment Group at the helm of his career, he has his sights on the top of the charts.

While Gold is accomplishing great strides, his brother Donovan Patterson, known by his stage presence Arktic, is also creating a lane of his own. Arktic like his brother is also quite the artist, versed as a musician, composer, songwriter, lyricist, engineer, and producer, with a knack for Drip and Experimental Hip-Hop infused with Rock, Latinx, Soul, R&B, Experimental, Psychedelic, and Jazz. Arktic has cultivated a loyal fanbase and continues to rise in popularity and respect within the music world. The release of his album “Teenage Pandemic” earlier this year garnered unending praise from listeners and has caught the attention of many industry figure heads along with his brother, Gold. The two are growing closer and closer into the top spotlight with their incredible musical skillset and bond. Both on their individual and joint projects, their potential and refined versatility shines through their work.
With WilliamGold and Arktic under their wing, BOLD Entertainment Group is already asserting their dominance in the industry and are well on their way to having a lasting effect on the music industry and showing the world that it’s okay to be bold and go after all that is desired. Join their brand and BOLD family and follow their journey to music greatness. WilliamGold’s and Arktic’s projects are available on all streaming platforms and can be found via the links:


Stream WilliamGold’s Music:

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WilliamGold’s music video for his single “Creek N. Mist”:

WilliamGold’s Instagram: @thewilliamgold

Arktic’s Instagram: @arktic_productions

Max’s Instagram: @maxishikawa

Brandon’s Instagram: @brandonboldwhite

BOLD Entertainment Group’s Instagram: @boldentertainmentgroup


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