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T.Rose Allingang- “Out The Dirt Freestyle”

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Ever since he was born, T.ROSE ALLINGANG was destined for greatness. Whether he’s playing sports, directing music videos or making music, he never fails to be the greatest. Holding so many remarkable talents, it’s no surprise that his music is beginning to blow up across the country. With his creative mind, incredible flow and dedication to making music, T.ROSE is bound to leave his mark on the music industry and spread his message across the world.
Born and raised in Florida, T.ROSE is putting his hometown, Davenport, on the map. Rapping since he was young, T.ROSE became a musical mastermind quickly. But being preoccupied with his other abilities, it took him some time to realize his true music potential. Not only is T.ROSE an amazing artist, but he is also a phenomenal basketball player.

“Whatever I do, i’m gonna perfect it. When I play basketball, I’m pushing myself to be the best. When I rap, I push myself to be the best,” said T.ROSE.

Although T.ROSE has been wildly successful in every area he specializes in, his life has been far from easy. Facing hardship after hardship over the course of his childhood and early adulthood, T.ROSE decided to put all of his frustrations into basketball. Determined to live up to the expectations he set for himself, T.ROSE worked day and night to master the sport. By the end of his high school career, T.ROSE caught the attention of many prominent college basketball coaches, landing himself a Division 1 scholarship.

But after playing college basketball for a few years, T.ROSE realized he had more of a passion for making music. Motivated by the people around him, T.ROSE knew he couldn’t stop until he reached the top of the ladder in the music world.

“I had people I would rap around and when I would meet people they’d be like ‘yeah he can rap’. So my boys really hyped me up. They were like ‘your voice, it’s so different’. Shout out to my boy Tyler, he’s a major part of ALLINGANG,” said T.ROSE.

Everything about T.ROSE is unique. Whether it’s seen in his voice, style or flows, he never fails to bring new and authentic material to the table. After releasing two singles in 2020, “Nun Like Rappers” and “Now or Never”, T.ROSE blew away fans with the release of his album- “Roasta Da Creepa”. Working tirelessly on the album for months, T.ROSE left listeners with more than they could have imagined. But not only does T.ROSE produce his own music, but he also produces his own music videos.

“I just listen to beats and wherever the music takes me, I just go with it. Whatever vibe, whether it’s turn up or laid back, I just feel my voice. It’s easy- I just think about what’s been going on in the world, what’s been going on with my people. It’s really all about real life experiences for me. It’s easy to rap after going through what I’ve been through, “ said T.ROSE.

Many rappers seek riches but T.ROSE writes music to tell his story. Whether he’s reflecting on a past moment or looking towards the future, T.ROSE always gives listeners a range of melodies to connect with. With his inspiring story, influential lyrics and incredible music videos, T.ROSE never fails to motivate the people around him.

“It’s a way for me to tell my story and get my story across the people. I went through everything. Whatever you’re going through, keep going and stay focused. No matter what you went through; if you went to jail, if you dropped out of school, if you got kicked out of the house by your momma and you feel like you ain’t got nobody, you gotta keep going. That’s what I try to put out there with my life story. Keep going,” said T.ROSE.

Although he has come a long way, T.ROSE’s journey is far from over. With his incredible talents, there is no doubt he will be making great strides in his genre. His music may be reaching across the country, but T.ROSE will not stop until the entire world has received his message. Even after he has reached this goal, there is no doubt he will continue to leave his mark on many industries.

“I’m gonna definitely be at the top of my genre. But I’m versatile so I’ll be touching a lil bit everywhere. I see myself song writing, not just rapping and being a businessman. I see myself being successful, with or without rap. I got a lot of stuff I wanna get into. This ain’t nothing but the front cover.” -T.ROSE


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