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2xcali drops new single Martyr

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On “Martyr,” the first track off this record, 2xcali explores the cycling of his introspections and resonates on mantras in his subconscious: “Back against the wall, but I won’t give up easily, I can’t sleep knowing my daughter needed me.” It comes off as melancholy concealed withing a staggering flow simulating the underlining trepidations of Toriano Howard’s past, but then his true tone is unveiled.

“Die by my respect cause I’m a Martyr, I was thinking small, but I’m thinking larger,” he stabs with the words leaving his lips, “finna crash out, but I’m thinking smarter, time be getting hard, but I’m going harder.” Here, 2xcali somehow finds reservation for cheerfulness in the opaque descriptions of his adolescence. The delightful if somewhat ominous-sounding melody signifies the return of one of Rap’s most secret weapons: amongst all his storytelling, he provokes a carefree bounciness, amplifying in the way his flow allures you with his magnetic topline melody.

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