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Breaking Down the Recent Shootings in the Hip-Hop Community

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It’s been a crazy few weeks in the world of hip hop. Last week we suffered the untimely deaths of both Chicago artist, King Von, and Dallas artist Mo3. King Von was shot in Atlanta after a dispute outside of a hookah lounge. Him and his entourage got into it with another group of men. Not long after the dispute started shots began to be fired leaving King Von and 2 other individuals dead and another man injured. Mo3 was shot in his hometown of Dallas on the interstate after allegedly being stalked by his killer. New reports are saying the killer followed Mo3 from a girls house and when Mo3 noticed he was being followed he tried to escape.During this time Mo3 crashed his vehicle and got out to get away and that’s when he was shot.

Over the weekend two more hip hop artist where shot in separate incidents. The down south legend Boosie and hip hop’s hot new artist on the rise, Benny The Butcher were both shot in Texas. According to reports, Boosie’s sprinter van had been shot at during his trip to Dallas and TMZ confirmed Boosie was shot in the leg. Boosie was in town to pay his respects to Mo3, who he did a lot of work in the past. While leaving the venue in the city, someone allegedly opened fire on the van. The Dallas Police Department has confirmed this information and said that Boosie was taken to a local hospital and treated for his wound.


In Houston, Benny and his crew were in their cars at a Walmart
parking lot when a vehicle with five men approached them. The
men all pulled out guns and demanded that Benny and his associates give them their chains. Police has said one of the gunmen shot Benny in the leg as they felt as though he was taking too long to move. After the shooting, the robbers fled the scene and so did Benny and his associates. While driving away, Benny’s friends pulled over to call the police and have him taken to the hospital.

Both men are said to be doing fine and their is a video showing Benny boarding a Jet with the assistance of crutches. With so much going on in the world, we have to find peace within. Black Lives Matter but need to matter more to the Black Lives. Prayers to the family and friends of King Von and Mo3. And speedy recovery to both Boosie and Benny.

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