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Bizkit continues reinventing himself on new single “Zaddy”

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LA-based singer, producer and saxophonist Bizkit is a jack of all trades within the music industry.

He has produced for household names such as John Legend, and is even a virtuosic saxophonist, having lent his chops to Beyoncé’s hit song, “Deja Vu.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Bizkit has since relocated to LA, where he has continued bringing the heat in collaboration with his production partner, Butta.

The two recently landed on the new Eric Bellinger project, where they produced his hit song “Organic.”

But Bizkit has been committed to his own material as well. Bringing his own unique blend of industry trends and classic influences of R&B and funk, Bizkit’s music is often catchy and flavorful.

Perhaps no song of his is a better example than his new release, “Zaddy,” featuring Trap Beckham which dropped back in October.

The instrumentation is deliciously rhythmic, making use of some off-kilter percussion and handclap lines that really sizzle.

Setting the melodic backdrop in the instrumental is Bizkit himself with an insane saxophone riff, one that only sounds better as the track goes on.

Adding even more melody to “Zaddy” is Bizkit’s vocal performance, where he exudes brilliance in using his voice as its own instrument on top of the production.

He shows he is no slouch on the mic as an MC, weaving together his tales of sipping mimosas and bagging women with some lighthearted humor and never ending charisma.

As a vocalist, Bizkit is soulful and emotive with a ton of range. He riffs off of the looped horn line, creating a sense of musical tension that has a satisfying release at the conclusion of the track.

With Bizkit spending 2020 continuing to refine his own sound and musical style, this industry mainstay shouldn’t worry in the least about dropping off the map anytime soon.

With everything he has done and everywhere he has been, he could easily rest on his laurels. Instead, he keeps pushing forward, wanting to grow as an artist.

If “Zaddy” is any indication, he has already been wildly successful in doing so.

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