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Big Lock Dazzles With “7Gpa” Project And Visual

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Maryland artist Big Lock returns from a music hiatus with an expansive project titled “7Gpa ” showcasing an increased music range and science filled concept. His take on his latest release is interesting and shows his genius intellect along with his determination.  


To accompany his album, Lock drops a cinematic video that gives a different perspective to the self titled single “7Gpa” and album as a whole. It’s meant to give insight to the journey the Maryland emcee has been going through the past few years. 


“The title is 7Gpa. The title refers to 7 gigapascals or 725,000 lbs of pressure which is how much needed when creating a diamond. this project is a celebration of my own triumph when i could have collapsed under all the pressure” – Big Lock


This project marks the beginning for the young musician’s return to music in which Lock promises fans that he will continue to curate quality content. “7Gpa” is available to play on all streaming platforms and the video is on YouTube.


He has multiple singles and videos set to drop soon so “Lock” in Big Lock on your radar for the rest of 2020.

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