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Your Own Money Machine With Justin Gilmore

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CEO and entrepreneur Justin Gilmore built his business from the ground up through patience, consistency, and timeless hustle. As someone who grew up poor and as the family’s ‘problem child,’ Justin was expelled from high school at just 15 years old. Not to be deterred, he picked himself up and scrounged for profit and experience anywhere he could.

As a 16-year-old, having been expelled from school, Justin already had a full-time job. From books to video courses on VHS, Justin learned entrepreneurship through the various resources at his disposal. Although he admits that many of these resources were, in his words, a “scam,” his drive to learn from anything he could get his hands on showed his sheer dedication to succeed.

Justin would apply this entrepreneurial hunger by continually being on the hunt for ways to make additional profit. At just 17 years old, Justin was re-selling pizzas for an elevated price by day and selling through bits and bobs on eBay by night. Through his constant hustle, he eventually found out about the lucrative ATM industry. This business would give Justin the push he needed to be set for life.

Within just two years, Justin earned around $15,000 (approximately $21,000, once inflation is taken into account) per month through the ATM industry. Today, he has been a significant and successful part of the industry for 14 years. From his past as his family’s black sheep, Justin’s company now owns 600 ATMs and processes a further 1,200 all over the United States, selling an additional 20 to 30 ATMs per month.

With his almost two decades of experience, Justin now creates courses to teach people how to start and grow their own ATM businesses. Through this, Justin can grow his own business at a rapid pace and help others achieve their own financial goals.

You can learn more about Justin Gilmore’s ATM Machines through their website or by following them on their Instagram, @atmmachines_com.

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