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New York MC Nite Lite Releases New Single “Panic”

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Nite Lite is not only a dope artist with tons of talent but a woman with an entrepreneur’s mindset. She is the CEO of “Nite Lite Entertainment” which puts her not only in the front of the camera, but also behind the camera in the broad room where you do not see many women within the game we called the music industry.

Nite Lite is a New York MC with a style that is game changing, to say the least. Her bars hit really different when you listen closely, especially in a time where a lot of female artists lack substance in their music. Nite Lite gives us just that and so much more.

The name of the new single is “Panic” and it is a masterpiece.

Twitter: @nitelitetheplug

Instagram: @nitelitetheplug

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