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Jnel Kidd Looks To Make Noise In New York With “Smooth Criminal”

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Jnel Kidd is looking to make a name for himself before the year closes out. Today, the 18 year old New York rapper pounces on the scene with his latest single “Smooth Criminal”. Jnel provides another solid record to add to his small but impressive catalog with records such as Derek Jeter and Mr. Softee.

Be on the lookout for a new project coming soon from Jnel Kidd.

The song is described as an inspiration to other aspiring acts that money talks and opens the doors to live the life you dream about.

Kidd explains:

“If you got you a passion you better start trapping and get you some money just to pursue it” -Jnel Kidd

“Break bread with my brother because I know he’ll do the same when he makes it.”



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