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DMV Rapper Dirtbiomil Continues His Winning Streak With New Single “BlockBoi”

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When it comes to breaking the mold, look no further than DMV rapper on the rise Dirtboimil. The rowdy Virginia rapper is reshaping the sound of his city in the new track “BlockBoi”.

Dirtboimil is spearheading the new sound of Virginia with abrasive lyricism and ignorant 808s. “BlockBoi” shows listeners the Virginia artist doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With his signature stereo-shatering beats and in-your-face lyricism, “BlockBoi” continues the winning streak of Dirtboimil, solidifying the next step in his fast-rising career.

The rapper has turned his music into high gear in 2020, with “BlockBoi” being his 5th release. Since his debut EP Too Dirty To Clean was coined “hard as nails” by Elevator Magazine, Dirtboimil has shown expansive growth and cemented his sound as one of the most unique vocal patterns out there. Dirtboimil is outdoing himself with every release, and the tough-trap “BlockBoi” single is no exception.


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