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Visionz2Turnt: From troubled past, to bright future

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Life sometimes takes unexpected roads to unknown struggles, but rapper Visionz2turnt is navigating through his woes with music.


Javon Michael Everett, native to Washington, District of Columbia, is an American rapper and songwriter known by his rap moniker, Visionz2turnt. The name originated from his street name Visionz and a label he started called 2turnt. While he is an artist with a budding career in sight, his path began from a young age and endured many pitfalls and hardships before finding solid footing. Visionz2turnt started off his love for music in elementary school while writing poetry for homework and for his friends to give to girls. At the age of sixteen he moved from his single mother of 5 kids, to live with his dad in Henderson, North Carolina so he could finish high school.


Visionz2turnt became acquainted with well-respected rapper Bigmoshawty who helped him launch his music career. Visionz2turnt would detour from his path by a series of unfortunate events that led to him being arrested for having multiple pistols and multiple magazines in his car upon a police search. As fate would have it, life was in Visionz2turnt’s favor and no charges stuck to the aspiring rapper. 


Visionz2turnt would sidetrack from his music career for deployment in the United States Army. While he served his country well, the aftermath left him with severe PTSD. He would retire in 2016 to become a stay at home dad and pursue his bachelor’s degree in public management. He is on track to graduate in December 2020 and move on to his bachelor’s in criminal justice commencing in January 2021. Through it all, Visionz2turnt found an escape from his pain and trauma through music. His single “IDK” has brought a lot of attention to his career, even drawing the interest of Major Labels and increasing his fanbase to worldwide recognition. The music video became a viral sensation on WSHH, racking up almost 1million plays. His newfound recognition brought him into contact with Sean Harley who had a hand to play in his introduction to Warner Records. Also, he was featured in popular blogs and sites like Dark Magazine, Google News, Thrive Global, MTV-USA, Fresh out the booth, World Rap federation, Raptology, Genius, IMDB and many more. 


Visionz2turnt released his biggest EP “DRIP GLITCH” on April 24, 2020, which hit 5million plus streams within the first few months. Visionz2turnt continues to make headway in his career, collaborating with artists such as Jordan Royale, Kam nasty, B Karma, Nxva Baby, DZE, Ecstasy tease, and applying producing techniques learnt from producer Moe Luv (RIP).


Currently, Visionz2turnt is working with his partner Bigmoshawty to capitalize on the benefits of his distribution deal with Bentley Records. He has already fulfilled all requirements to his contract and focused on growing as an artist, father, and entrepreneur. With his sound and style that utilizes fresh melodies to express his street life, love life and earthly presence, his music continues to resonate with fans across all genres, earning him his just due respect. He has numerous released and unreleased music for listeners to connect with and look forward to. Follow Visionz2turnt and stream his music via the links:








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