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Paul Prince is preparing himself to become a future mogul

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There’s no doubt that the work ethic of Paul Prince is unbearable. We have been following him for a while now and we are very impressed by his work. After the sudden release of his book “ A Transient Ride” , he cemented his name as an Author. A well written novel, given insight about his thought process in the world and beyond. Paul Prince has been very active this year, he just released his latest song called “shawty crazy” from the album, in my corner that is set to be released in December 21. The 9th song of the year. He is also set to premiere two movies in 2021, as you can see on IMDb, Wrong Decisions, and Run. Both movies produced, written and directed by him.
Paul Prince is the co-founder of Jebomedia Inc, a company that he founded with his partner Anderson Bondo in 2016. He did several work such as directing videos for other artists, directing commercials and so on. He also produced and wrote a movie called “MBM” in 2016, that is available to watch on

Paul Prince is an emerging start and Entrepreneur that is on the right path to achieve major accomplishments, in a span of 4 years, he has built a very impressive portfolio, one that is wrote watching and analyzing. We are confident that he will get very far with the quality of work we see he is providing  a Film Producer, Director, Actor, Author, Artist, he has all the baggage to become a mogul in the near future