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Tumultuous 2020 has Failed to Keep Artist Beauski from Creating “The Amsey Brown Project”

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Amidst the realities of America this year, artist and producer Beauski has been working on the release of his newest EP, “The Amsey Brown Project”.  This musician’s work ethic to “keep living your life to the fullest and never give up” and the daily routine of “waking up and taking the day by horns! Writing and producing music! Networking and finding new opportunities to grow as a person and as a label” have allowed him to succeed.

The end of this year will see the release of “The Amsey Brown Project”. The project is inspired by his uncle who served in Vietnam.  Beauski remembers that, though his uncle was a changed person following his tours, he always played and sang the blues.  His uncle showed that music had emotion and can speak to the soul, and Beauski hopes his EP will do the same.  Stay tuned as this talented artist has much more music to release when the time comes.

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