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 WESTSIDE MCFLY is Back with a Very Controversial Visual for his Latest Single 

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The Los Angeles Native connected with Compton Producer “IamJameal” to deliver what is a very generational defining message. Dear 2020 is an Open Letter meant to paint the vivid picture of how trying this year has been. Westside Mcfly touched on topics like police brutality, Donald Trump, and even took shots at 69. His call for the arrest of the officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor and Support for the Black Lives Movement really takes this record to different levels.


“I lost a bunch of people this year. Family and Friends. I watched my people get treated like animals hunted by the same people we pay to protect us. I watched the president promote racism and try to provoke war in the world. So I just wanted to put everything into one record, this for the hood for the streets and for everyone who feelin like FUCK 2020”


Westside Mcfly – “Dear 2020” (Music Video):

“Dear 2020” (Buy Link):

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