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Fari’s Only One, Vol. 1 Will Leave You Wanting More – and Soon

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There’s an old adage about not judging a book by its cover, but perhaps EPs and albums should be included in there as well. If nothing else, that should undoubtedly be the case for Only One, Vol. 1., a debut project from Greenville native rapper, Fari.On the surface, the EP looks like what you’d expect from a young hip-hop and rap artist, but there’s a lot more under the surface than one might expect. For starters, it is significantly more
polished than many out there, especially when comparing Fari’s work to other talented fresh
rappers. Only One, Vol. 1 simply is a collection of tracks that could easily be mistaken for the
work of a more established artist.

The entirety of the project is remarkably reflective and introspective despite all the extroverted trappings of the traditional rap medium layered over the top. It’s clear from the very beginning of the introductory track titled, “Introduction (Fortunate Ones),” something that eschews the medium’s “rules” altogether. Essentially functioning as a motivational speech delving into the themes of meaning, self-knowledge, and recognition of fortune, it’s 51 seconds of material that feels intensely special and contemplative.

This depth is similarly reflected elsewhere too, however. The fingerprints of it are all over the EP, bleeding particularly well into “My Name is My Name” – a song that indulges in telling a bit about Fari’s background growing up while also taking advantage of lines like “I give you layers after layers like I’m peeling myself / Cards I was dealt, ain’t no upper hand / Never let no ‘nother man / Dictate your future.” Truthful to the core and a source of advice and inspiration, Fari’s music doesn’t hesitate to embrace a more profound message rather than only focusing on the surface level stuff. That’s not to say that doesn’t have a place in his music, though, because Fari doesn’t operate under any false pretenses.

He’s still a rapper, a musician meant to entertain an audience and get them bopping along to a
beat. He may share some unexpectedly intimate knowledge or poignant points along the way,
but he still leans into the money, fame, and fun that comes along with the rapping life, spitting
out bars about his rise to the top. It makes for a listen that’s as hard-hitting and enjoyable as it is thoughtful, and the strangely nostalgic beats in the back only help his cause. They should feel out of place, clashing with the complex lyrics and Fari’s extremely familiar, throwback style, but they don’t in the slightest.
Instead, they add to it, making the music unique and compelling and creating something new in
the midst.

That’s a hard thing to do for any rapper, let alone one newer to the scene. Yet Fari’s been able
to pull it off effortlessly. Only One, Vol. 1 is a massive feat, and it just leaves us wanting more.
Luckily, if his recent drop “Let’s Not Forget” is any indication, we won’t be left hanging for long.

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