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Mr-Roc-Hustle – “Hereditary”

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Mr-Roc-Hustle is a young and thriving hip hop artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Akron, Ohio. With fifth teen mixtape albums to his name as well as a multimedia company, Glory Bull Productions & Entertainment LLC, there is no stopping the possibility of this man’s reach. A businessman with a musician’s heart, Mr-Roc-Hustle has proven himself to be as much an advocate for hip hop as he is an innovator as Glory Bull stands for financial freedom, prosperity and success by providing multiple types of entertainment and digital services.
While he’s well on his way to being known around the world for his business skills, he too will be known for his skills on the mic. As someone who has been spitting rhymes since he was 17, he’s become a master of his craft over the past decade. Mr-Roc-Hustle aka Mr-Raps.Our.Culture is without a doubt a very vocal, raw, edgy, inspiring artist who has the versatility and originality of some of the most talented emcees today. As the self-proclaimed music magician, he creates knowledgeable, fun, unforgettable tracks consistently and has taken it upon himself to use the mic to engage the world one ear at a time over the past 10 years with over fifth teen albums & counting that include The Hip Hop Circus, ReincarNation, and The Music Cycle eRaporation.
With the intensity of Ice Cube, the integrity of Tupac, and the intellect of Nas, there is no stopping Mr-Roc-Hustle as he practices what he preaches in song. Whether it’s to follow one’s dreams with “Tenacity” or fighting the temptation of choosing between right and wrong in the rightfully titled “Temptation” – he’s inspiring people through music. Something that initially pushed him towards it all in the first place.
The first time Mr-Roc-Hustle took the stage he was with two other performers. Looking back, he notes how he wanted to feel that energy and excitement forever. Which is why he is never one to turn down an opportunity to shine under the bright lights of the stage. Throughout 2019 Mr-Roc-Hustle found himself in front of a number of crowds from Lock 3 Park to Moda Ultra Bar Nightlife to The Rialto Theatre in Akron.
Come 2021 he plans on adding more major cities to his calendar. Along with shows and pushing out new music, Mr-Roc-Hustle will be concentrating on building his brand’s apparel and merchandise, as well as focusing on Glory Bull’s missions while creating albums that are as entertaining as they are timeless. With hopes to change the world, Mr-Roc-Hustle wants to put his revolution into hyperdrive.

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