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Rabzdied: A Rising New York Artist

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Rabzdied is a New York born artist, who belongs to Long Island, New York. Amazingly, Rabzdied can bring energy in every track and bring it to the stage as well. Even though he didn’t release any music until his graduation, Rabzdied started from freestyling at parties when he was in high school. Rabzdied is currently working independently and wants to stay independent, because he desires to be an established artist.
The most challenging part of Rabzdied’s life was when his house was broken into and all of his valuables were taken. But this incident made him stronger, because things could never get worse for him than this. He wants to let his fans learn to never be afraid of shit, identify their feelings and bottle up the ones that are leading to destructive behavior. Rabzdied has recorded plenty of music currently he is transitioning his style from heavily alternative to alternatively influenced but with pleasant melodies and modern drums.
Rabzdied isn’t producing his music himself because currently he is learning the process. However, he used to work with producers like OVRCZ and Hennytrack. His inspiration came from his dad’s profession which taught him that you can be happy with a non-traditional job, encouraging him to pursue music. Overall, Rabzdied has an open-minded view about life.

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