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King Nasir Is Awakening His Fans with His Release “Fade”

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King Nasir is a New York entrepreneur that has received lots of support for his various businesses he’s made over the years. Just recently in October, he decided to embark on his music career with back-to-back releases.

His latest drop called “Fade” is the second track of two track drop. The track King Nasir dropped shows a different side of the artist than his first drop having a hip hop feel, “Fade” brings a different energy. This track takes it to a new level giving it a club energy that could be played at any house party.

The energy filled track “Fade” marks the second release of King Nasir’s career. With this move, he will now need all of his supports to come support him on his new journey. So far, his fans have been receptive and supportive of the new venture.

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