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Craig Moreau Makes Headlines With His Cover Album Under the Covers

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There have been few country artists as consistent this year as Craig Moreau. Starting in 2020, Moreau has released music consistently throughout this whole year and is now capping off his streak with Under the Covers.


Craig Moreau has been making a strong case as to why he could be the next big face in the country music industry. Releasing his full-length album of classic songs, a bold statement has been made, letting the world know that Moreau can perform with the best of them.


As a toddler, the country singer would pretend to play guitar on his fisher price guitar. Now, reaching thousands of fans, he has turned this dream into an actual reality. Under the Covers puts a fresh spin on eleven classic tracks from the previous decades. 


Craig Moreau has the potential to become the next big country artist. With his consistent releases and quality sound, don’t be surprised if you see him at the CMAs next year. 


Check out Craig Moreau’s “Under the Covers” here.

Find Craig Moreau on Instagram here.

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