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Anthony Sorella Turn Focus to Music, Releases Single What If…?

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Toronto entrepreneur Anthony Sorella, co-founder of Neighborhood Creative, is now adding musical artist to his ever-growing resume of accomplishments. Working entirely independent, Sorella has released three tracks in the previous 30 days under his own name. With hopes of keeping his music light and happy, Sorella is making hip-hop and dance inspired tracks that are meant to appeal to weekend warriors who are looking to keep spirits high into the earlier hours of the morning.

Each of the three tracks Sorella has released are not meant to bring the club down, but rather, were created as something to put on and wind down with when the clubbing is over. The standout of the releases, What If…?, is a perfect example of what Sorella is aiming to accomplish. With a beat built upon keys and an electronic woodwind sound, What If…? is the track to put on to keep the energy steady after a full night of going out.

What If…?, along with Sorella’s adjacent releases, serve a sample of what to expect with his upcoming full-length project, P4r7y D0nt St4hp (Party Don’t Stop). “It’s a whole album to be played when you’ve left the club and are grubbing out on some late night or early morning food,” says Sorella. Due for release on January 1st, 2021, the debut project from the Toronto newcomer will be the first real taste of what he has to offer and will be the perfect album to throw on after New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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