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Oowee Garcon Latest Single Sets Him To “Prosper” The Rest Of 2020

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Maryland emcee Oowee Garcon releases a trippy and sonically ethnic new single titled “Prosper.” The cover art entails the main essence of the single. 2020 has shifted the young music artist mindset to pursue his dreams in a more thorough manner. 

Like his latest single, every move is calculated and positioned to have Oowee Garcon set to “Prosper” for the rest of 2020 and beyond. For Garcon, his most recent release means more than just another song. 

“I want to continue to maneuver the music business in ways that see me win not just for clout,” Garcon said. He continued with, “like the title of the single suggests, I want myself and my team to ‘Prosper’ from my musical aspirations.” 

Oowee wants to win and win big while prospering! To help Garcon’s cause the single is available to play on all digital streaming platforms. 

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